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Pokémon: Gotta Dance!! 2003

Director: Darren Dunstan,Kunihiko Yuyama

Stars: Ikue Ôtani,Chinami Nishimura,Yûji Ueda,Megumi Hayashibara

7.3 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Go North 2017

A couple of years from currently, something will happen that will alter our world. A global event that triggers riot, mayhem, as well as death. Life a...

Director: Matthew Ogens

Stars: Patrick Schwarzenegger,Jacob Lofland,Sophie Kennedy Clark,Joshua Close

4.0 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Mythica: The Godslayer 2016

As the Lich King's zombie legions damage the world, Marek, a cursed young sorceress, embarks on a mission to acquire a tool from the gods, with her pa...

Director: John Lyde

Stars: Melanie Stone,Adam Johnson,Matthew Mercer,Jake Stormoen

5.0 IMDB Rating 7 Views
Leap 2017

A one year experiment seeks to uncover whether coaching can aid ordinary people achieve phenomenal things. Challenged, challenged and frequently overw...

Director: Kasia Wezowski,Patryk Wezowski

8.5 IMDB Rating 17 Views
Lost in the Pacific 2016

A team of VIP elite passengers come to be stranded on a remote mysterious island after their deluxe airplane makes an emergency landing. As they await...

Director: Vincent Zhou

Stars: Brandon Routh,Yuqi Zhang,Russell Wong,Bernice Liu

3.7 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Congo: The Grand Inga Project 2013

CONGO: The Grand Inga Task narrates kayak icon Steve Fisher as he and a group of the bravest as well as most skilled paddlers on earth deal with a ver...

Director: Steve Fisher

Stars: Tyler Bradt,Steve Fisher,Ben Marr,Rush Sturges

6.7 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Monster House 2006

The adolescent DJ is observing his neighbor Nebbercracker beyond of their road in the suburban area that ruins tricycles of youngsters that trespass h...

Director: Gil Kenan

Stars: Ryan Newman,Steve Buscemi,Mitchel Musso,Catherine O'Hara

6.6 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Bigger Fatter Liar 2017

Kevin Shepard is a tech-savvy young genius that uses his knowledge to slack off. When greedy computer game exec Larry Wolf finds his ideas for a video...

Director: Ron Oliver

Stars: Jodelle Ferland,Barry Bostwick,Curtis Lum,April Telek

N/A IMDB Rating 13 Views
Sardaarji 2 2016

The much waited for Follow up to Last summer season's SMASH HIT. A fun drive for The Entire Family. The tale starts in a town in Punjab, where an Orga...

Director: Rohit Jugraj

Stars: Sonam Bajwa,Jaswinder Bhalla,Corinne Deanna Campbell,Diljit Dosanjh

5.7 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time 2017

In a madcap future period, the world's biggest operative battles to rescue his young child from the clutches of his infamous former mentor.

Director: Rob Taylor

Stars: David Ogden Stiers,Rob Taylor,Nic Costa,Walter Koenig

N/A IMDB Rating 9 Views
Teleios 2017

A deep room mining vessel has been adrift for two years. It is thought the crew extremely eliminated each other, but the reason for the bloodbath is u...

Director: Ian Truitner

Stars: Sunny Mabrey,Lance Broadway,T.J. Hoban,Christian Pitre

3.8 IMDB Rating 17 Views
Inner Workings 2016

The mind and also heart of a typical office worker clash over what he desires and also what he needs.

Director: Leonardo Matsuda

Stars: Raymond S. Persi

7.8 IMDB Rating 17 Views
Diamond Cartel 2017

The charming as well as ruthless Mussa negotiates to buy the Celebrity of East Ruby from the Hong-Kong triad criminal offense manager Mr. Lo - but not...

Director: Salamat Mukhammed-Ali

Stars: Armand Assante,Peter O'Toole,Olivier Gruner,Tommy 'Tiny' Lister

3.4 IMDB Rating 12 Views
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract 2017

Tara Markov is a lady who has power over earth and stone; she is also more than she appears. Is the newest Teen Titan an ally or a risk? And also just...

Director: Sam Liu

Stars: Stuart Allan,Jake T. Austin,Taissa Farmiga,Sean Maher

7.0 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Nova Seed 2016

Beneath the degeneration of a dying world lives the Mad Physician Mindskull. Using the planet's power of development he has created the best Tool. Can...

Director: Nick DiLiberto

Stars: Joe DiLiberto,Nick DiLiberto,Shawn Donovan,John Jellinek

6.9 IMDB Rating 11 Views
One Man and His Cow 2016

An Algerian guy's life-long desire finally becomes a reality when he obtains an invite to take his cow Jacqueline to the Paris International Agricultu...

Director: Mohamed Hamidi

Stars: Fatsah Bouyahmed,Lambert Wilson,Jamel Debbouze,Hajar Masdouki

6.8 IMDB Rating 12 Views
Medal of Victory 2016

After accidentally delivering a dog crate of nuclear combination triggers to Malawi, soldiers Floyd and Stu abscond. Back in his old home town, Floyd ...

Director: Joshua Moise,Joshua Moise

Stars: Richard Riehle,Cliff Chamberlain,Anna Martemucci,Gary Houston

4.3 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Moontrap: Target Earth 2017

A lengthy forgotten ancient spacecraft found on Earth. Examinations carried out by Precursor transport her to the moon whereupon she fulfills the exce...

Director: Robert Dyke

Stars: Sarah Butler,Damon Dayoub,Charles Shaughnessy,Cara AnnMarie

2.9 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Extortion 2017

When a Caribbean family members vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father locates himself at the grace of a cold-blooded angler, as well as a hopeles...

Director: Phil Volken

Stars: Eion Bailey,Bethany Joy Lenz,Barkhad Abdi,Danny Glover

N/A IMDB Rating 12 Views
Dragon Hunter 2009

Orphaned as a baby when his parents were killed in a ferocious orc strike, Kendrick of Elwood was elevated by his senior brother, Darius. Though just ...

Director: Stephen Shimek

Stars: Erik Denton,Maclain Nelson,Slate Holmgren,Jake Suazo

3.6 IMDB Rating 10 Views
Alien Vs. Zombies 2017

Joe Alien satisfies an imagine involving Planet to locate that it's overwhelmed by zombies. Finding an ally in young Parker, he tries to conserve the ...

Director: Rocco Nisivoccia

Stars: Alex Knapp,Siena Tickle,Amandine Thomas,Patrick Cooley

N/A IMDB Rating 8 Views
Albion: The Enchanted Stallion 2016

A twelve-year-old lady is delivered by a magical black stallion to the mystical world of ALBION, where she discovers that she alone is the essential t...

Director: Castille Landon

Stars: Jennifer Morrison,Debra Messing,Daniel Sharman,Stephen Dorff

6.4 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Rölli ja kaikkien aikojen salaisuus 2016

Director: Taavi Vartia

Stars: Krista Kosonen,Iina Kuustonen,Joonas Saartamo,Vesa Vierikko

4.9 IMDB Rating 6 Views
Medicine of the Wolf 2015

After 40 years of protection, Grey wolves were lately de-listed federally from endangered varieties act and their destiny was handed over to state leg...

Director: Julia Huffman

Stars: Jim Brandenburg,Jane Goodall,Saginaw Grant,Julia Huffman

9.0 IMDB Rating 21 Views
Sahara 2017

2 clans of serpents cohabit in the desert. Stunning green serpents that live under the sanctuary of a sanctuary, protected as well as treasured by mal...

Director: Pierre Coré

Stars: Omar Sy,Louane Emera,Franck Gastambide,Vincent Lacoste

5.5 IMDB Rating 15 Views