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A Bug’s Life 1998

At an annual speed, a substantial nest of ants is compelled to gather every item of food that grows on their island for a group of enormous insects. B...

Director: John Lasseter,Andrew Stanton

Stars: Dave Foley,Kevin Spacey,Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Hayden Panettiere

7.2 IMDB Rating
Barbie in ‘A Christmas Carol’ 2008

Barbie stars in her first vacation film in this heart-warming adjustment of the timeless Dickens story loaded with treasured Christmas carols, fabulou...

Director: William Lau

Stars: Kelly Sheridan,Morwenna Banks,Melissa Lyons,Prudence Edwards

6.3 IMDB Rating
Atlantis: Milo’s Return 2003

Milo and Kida rejoin with their buddies to investigate weird occurances around the globe that seem to have links to the keys of Atlantis.

Director: Victor Cook,Toby Shelton,Tad Stones

Stars: James Arnold Taylor,Cree Summer,John Mahoney,Jacqueline Obradors

5.1 IMDB Rating
Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam 2010

Superman discovers an enemy who could be as well effective even for him to beat in the homicidal Black Adam. Fortunately, Black Adam's actual target i...

Director: Joaquim Dos Santos

Stars: Zach Callison,James Garner,Josh Keaton,Danica McKellar

7.2 IMDB Rating
Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie 2013

Jay and Silent Bob hit the lotto prize, and also use their cash money windfall to end up being crime-fighting superheroes.

Director: Steve Stark

Stars: Marc Bernardin,Ming Chen,Matt Cohen,Kevin Conroy

5.1 IMDB Rating
Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas 2015

When the Farmer and also Bitzer go to a Country Fair, Shaun swipes away with them bent on causing mischievousness. Stupefied by the exotic animals he ...

Director: Jay Grace

Stars: Justin Fletcher,John Sparkes,Sean Connolly,Chris Grimes

7.0 IMDB Rating
Ernest & Celestine 2012

There is a globe where the Bears live above ground in their cities and also the rats live listed below in their underground ones in shared worry as we...

Director: Stéphane Aubier,Vincent Patar,Benjamin Renner

Stars: Forest Whitaker,Lambert Wilson,Pauline Brunner,Mackenzie Foy

7.9 IMDB Rating
Kiki’s Delivery Service 1989

This is the story of a young witch, named Kiki that is now thirteen years of ages. But she is still a little green and plenty headstrong, however also...

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Stars: Minami Takayama,Rei Sakuma,Kappei Yamaguchi,Keiko Toda

7.9 IMDB Rating
Kung Fu Panda 2008

It's the story regarding a lazy, irreverent loafer panda, called Po, that is the largest fan of Kung Fu around ... which doesn't exactly been availabl...

Director: Mark Osborne,John Stevenson

Stars: Jack Black,Dustin Hoffman,Angelina Jolie,Ian McShane

7.6 IMDB Rating
Albert 2015

Albert that stays in the tiny Danish rural community Kalleby. Albert is always approximately no good, however he's also truly awkward. One day he conc...

Director: Karsten Kiilerich

Stars: Alfred Bjerre Larsen,Oscar Dietz,Asta Nordby,Peter Zhelder

4.6 IMDB Rating
Wings: Sky Force Heroes 2014

When Ace (Josh Duhamel), a cocky young firefighter, defies his orders as well as recklessly attempts a solo objective, it results in the tragic death ...

Director: Tony Tang,Mychal Simka

Stars: Josh Duhamel,Hilary Duff,Rob Schneider,Jesse McCartney

3.8 IMDB Rating
Puppy 2017

Difficulty ensues at Hotel Transylvania when Dennis obtains a new monster-sized animal.

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Stars: Asher Blinkoff

N/A IMDB Rating 1 Views
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights 2011

On Oa, the headquarters earth of the intergalactic law enforcement agency, the Environment-friendly Light Corps, the Guardians of deep space see start...

Director: Christopher Berkeley,Lauren Montgomery,Jay Oliva

Stars: Nathan Fillion,Jason Isaacs,Elisabeth Moss,Henry Rollins

6.8 IMDB Rating
The Last: Naruto the Movie 2014

Hanabi Hyuuga, the younger sis of Hinata is kidnapped by Toneri Ootsutsuki, as well as a disheartened Naruto Uzumaki must place himself with each othe...

Director: Tsuneo Kobayashi

Stars: Junko Takeuchi,Nana Mizuki,Jun Fukuyama,Chie Nakamura

7.8 IMDB Rating
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks 2014

Music rules as well as rainbows rock as Golden Sparkle and chums compete for the leading spot in the Canterlot High "Mane Event" ability show. The gir...

Director: Jayson Thiessen,Ishi Rudell

Stars: Tara Strong,Ashleigh Ball,Andrea Libman,Tabitha St. Germain

7.1 IMDB Rating
Jungle Shuffle 2014

1960 Lacedon Jungle in Mexico. Coatis Manu and Sacha are buddies. However, troublesome Manu is exiled from the realm for damaging a statuary bought to...

Director: Taedong Park,Mauricio De la Orta

Stars: Drake Bell,Jessica DiCicco,Brianne Brozey,Rob Schneider

4.7 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Hal 2013

The story occurs in a technologically innovative society where robots could be set to behave like a total human. A robotic is asked to replace Hal, th...

Director: Ryôtarô Makihara

Stars: Yoshimasa Hosoya,Yôko Hikasa,Mamoru Miyano,Tamio Ôki

7.0 IMDB Rating
Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll 2016

Master Oogway constantly claimed there are no accidents, but destiny still takes unusual instructions when Po is around. This is particularly true in ...

Director: Rodolphe Guenoden

Stars: Jack Black,Eliott Guenoden,James Hong,Dustin Hoffman

7.1 IMDB Rating
Izzie’s Way Home 2016

A frequently picked-on tropical fish leaves her luxury yacht residence, unaware of the risks that await her outdoors ocean. With the aid of various ot...

Director: Sasha Burrow

Stars: Bonnie Dennison,Tori Spelling,Zack Ward,Dawn Richard

1.5 IMDB Rating
Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire 2003

Vacationing in Australia, Scooby and the gang go to a music competition held at Vampire Rock-- where the famous 'Yowie Yahoo' Vampire is kidnapping th...

Director: Scott Jeralds

Stars: Casey Kasem,Frank Welker,Nicole Jaffe,Heather North

6.6 IMDB Rating
Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico 2003

Sign up with Scooby, Shaggy and also the gang as they check out a buddy in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead! Just this moment it's a beast that...

Director: Scott Jeralds

Stars: Casey Kasem,Frank Welker,Nicole Jaffe,Heather North

6.5 IMDB Rating
Back to the Sea 2012

Kevin, a young flying fish, lives in the New York harbor. He desires for leading his family members back to Barbados-the mythological kingdom of the f...

Director: Thom Lu

Stars: Yuri Lowenthal,Kath Soucie,Tom Kenny,Mark Hamill

4.5 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence 2004

Batô is a living cyborg. His whole body, even his limbs, are totally manufactured. What just continues to be are traces of his brain and also the memo...

Director: Mamoru Oshii

Stars: Akio Ôtsuka,Atsuko Tanaka,Kôichi Yamadera,Tamio Ôki

7.6 IMDB Rating
The Last Unicorn 1982

From a riddle-speaking butterfly, a unicorn discovers that she is allegedly the last of her kind, all the others having been rounded up away by the Re...

Director: Jules Bass,Arthur Rankin Jr.

Stars: Alan Arkin,Jeff Bridges,Mia Farrow,Tammy Grimes

7.5 IMDB Rating
Henry & Me 2014

A young boy, Jack, is battling and undergoing therapy for cancer cells. A girl aids Jack find his own special, Yankee-filled dream. Jack travels throu...

Director: Barrett Esposito

Stars: Richard Gere,Luis Guzmán,Chazz Palminteri,Cyndi Lauper

6.1 IMDB Rating 1 Views