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Who Am I 2014

Benjamin, a young German computer system whiz, is invited to sign up with a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world's stage.

Director: Baran bo Odar

Stars: Tom Schilling,Elyas M'Barek,Wotan Wilke Möhring,Antoine Monot Jr.

7.6 IMDB Rating 8 Views
Taking Lives 2004

The film starts in the early 1980s. Youthful Martin Asher took a bus for Canada. He fulfills an additional teen on the bus Matt Soulsby. When the bus ...

Director: D.J. Caruso

Stars: Angelina Jolie,Ethan Hawke,Kiefer Sutherland,Gena Rowlands

6.2 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 2005

A story of a central city dope dealer that turns away from crime to seek his interest, rap songs.

Director: Jim Sheridan

Stars: 50 Cent,Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje,Joy Bryant,Omar Benson Miller

5.1 IMDB Rating 10 Views
3096 Days 2013

Based upon real life events. 10 years old Austrian girl, Natascha Kampusch was abducted on March 03, 1998, on her means to school. She spent 8 as well...

Director: Sherry Hormann

Stars: Antonia Campbell-Hughes,Thure Lindhardt,Amelia Pidgeon,Trine Dyrholm

6.4 IMDB Rating 12 Views
Fire with Fire 2012

After seeing the ruthless murders of a corner store owner and his boy, fireman Jeremy Coleman barely runs away with his life. As he is required to ind...

Director: David Barrett

Stars: Josh Duhamel,Bruce Willis,Rosario Dawson,Vincent D'Onofrio

5.7 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Brooklyn’s Finest 2009

In Brooklyn, amid medication bargains, violence, casual bigotry, destitution, real estate jobs, and also corrupt polices, we comply with 3 police offi...

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Stars: Richard Gere,Don Cheadle,Ethan Hawke,Wesley Snipes

6.7 IMDB Rating 8 Views
Hustle & Flow 2005

Ambitious emcee DJay functions the angles to obtain his initial document made with help from assorted people in his Memphis 'hood. When he hears that ...

Director: Craig Brewer

Stars: Terrence Howard,Anthony Anderson,Taryn Manning,Taraji P. Henson

7.4 IMDB Rating 12 Views
The Informant! 2009

Mark Whitacre has actually worked for lysine creating firm ADM for many years and also has also located his method into upper management. But absolute...

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: Matt Damon,Lucas McHugh Carroll,Eddie Jemison,Rusty Schwimmer

6.5 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Daredevil 2003

Destiny deals young orphan Matt Murdock a weird hand when he is snuffed with contaminated materials. The accident leaves Matt blind yet likewise offer...

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Stars: Ben Affleck,Jennifer Garner,Colin Farrell,Michael Clarke Duncan

5.3 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Lupin the Third: The Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen 2014

Lupin and also Jigen slip right into the nation of East Doroa to steal its useful treasure the Little Comet. The nation has fortified its boundary aft...

Director: Takeshi Koike

Stars: Richard Epcar,Akio Hirose,Kiyoshi Kobayashi,Kan'ichi Kurita

7.2 IMDB Rating 8 Views
The Conspirator 2010

In the wake of Abraham Lincoln's murder, seven guys and one female are arrested and charged with conspiring to kill the Head of state, the Vice-Presid...

Director: Robert Redford

Stars: James McAvoy,Robin Wright,Kevin Kline,Evan Rachel Wood

6.9 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Shoot ‘Em Up 2007

Late during the night, in an unnamed UNITED STATE city, a singular man sits at a bus quit. An expecting female runs by, sought by a guy with a gun. Wi...

Director: Michael Davis

Stars: Clive Owen,Paul Giamatti,Monica Bellucci,Stephen McHattie

6.7 IMDB Rating 8 Views
God’s Pocket 2014

When Mickey's insane step-son Leon is killed in a building 'mishap', no one in the working class area of God's Pocket is sorry he's gone. Mickey attem...

Director: John Slattery

Stars: Christina Hendricks,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Eddie Marsan,Caleb Landry Jones

6.1 IMDB Rating 8 Views
Come Drink with Me 1966

A ruthless band of goons kidnaps a young authorities to exchange for their leader that has actually been captured. Golden Swallow is sent out to tackl...

Director: King Hu

Stars: Pei-Pei Cheng,Hua Yueh,Hung Lieh Chen,Chih-Ching Yang

7.0 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Shinjuku Incident 2009

In China, the poor worker Tietou repair works tractors and also misses his sweetheart Xiu Xiu, back in Japan, she having never ever sent out any news ...

Director: Tung-Shing Yee

Stars: Jackie Chan,Naoto Takenaka,Daniel Wu,Jinglei Xu

7.1 IMDB Rating 4 Views
An Inspector Calls 2015

In 1912 pompous industrialist Arthur Birling, who has hopes of a knighthood, his remarkable wife Sybil and young son Eric are celebrating the engageme...

Director: Aisling Walsh

Stars: Sophie Rundle,Lucy Chappell,Miranda Richardson,Ken Stott

7.7 IMDB Rating 12 Views
The Broken Shore 2013

An expressive criminal activity thriller that catches the chilling activity and also sharp wit of Peter Holy place's acclaimed novel The Broken Coast....

Director: Rowan Woods

Stars: Don Hany,Claudia Karvan,Anthony Hayes,Erik Thomson

6.6 IMDB Rating 3 Views
Heart of a Dragon 1985

Tale of a police officer who abandons his desire for cruising around the globe to make sure that he can take care of his psychologically disabled brot...

Director: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung,Fruit Chan

Stars: Jackie Chan,Sammo Kam-Bo Hung,Emily Chu,Hoi Mang

6.5 IMDB Rating 8 Views
Vares – The Sheriff 2015

Private investigator Jussi Vares discovers 2 dead bodies in a remote house. A year later on, Vares is hired to explore the case. Vares obtains alarmin...

Director: Hannu Salonen

Stars: Antti Reini,Jasper Pääkkönen,Jukka-Pekka Palo,Jukka Puotila

5.5 IMDB Rating 4 Views
Dead Drop 2013

After making it through an autumn from an airplane 3000-feet over the ocean, a former CIA operative turned federal government professional re-infiltra...

Director: R. Ellis Frazier

Stars: Luke Goss,Nestor Carbonell,Cole Hauser,David Del Rio

3.5 IMDB Rating 3 Views
Mad Detective 2007

A newbie cop coordinate with a former investigator with a superordinary gift to pursue a serial awesome.

Director: Johnnie To,Ka-Fai Wai

Stars: Ching Wan Lau,Andy On,Ka Tung Lam,Kelly Lin

7.2 IMDB Rating 9 Views
Gentlemen of Fortune 1971

A preschool supervisor Troshkin is a dead ringer for a criminal nicknamed "Docent" who swiped the priceless headpiece of Alexander the Great throughou...

Director: Aleksandr Seryj

Stars: Evgeniy Leonov,Georgiy Vitsin,Radner Muratov,Saveliy Kramarov

8.6 IMDB Rating 6 Views
The Divine Move 2014

Expert baduk gamer Tae-seok loses a high-stakes game to notorious below ground gambler Sal-soo, as well as winds up mounted for the murder of his very...

Director: Beom-gu Cho

Stars: Kil-kang Ahn,Greg Chun,Marc Diraison,Dorothy Elias-Fahn

6.7 IMDB Rating 7 Views
The Best Offer 2013

In the world of high-end art public auctions and also antiques, Virgil Oldman is an elderly as well as renowned but eccentric brilliant art-expert, kn...

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Stars: Geoffrey Rush,Jim Sturgess,Sylvia Hoeks,Donald Sutherland

7.8 IMDB Rating 9 Views
The Punisher 2004

Unique agent Frank Castle had it all: A caring family members, a fantastic life, and also a daring work. Yet when his life is taken away from him by a...

Director: Jonathan Hensleigh

Stars: A. Russell Andrews,Omar Avila,James Carpinello,Mark Collie

6.5 IMDB Rating 8 Views