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The Unknown Known 2013

Previous United States Assistant of Protection, Donald Rumsfeld, discusses his career in Washington D.C. from his days as a congressman in the early 1...

Director: Errol Morris

Stars: Donald Rumsfeld,Errol Morris

7.1 IMDB Rating
Kevin Hart: What Now? 2016

Comic Kevin Hart does before a crowd of 50,000 individuals at Philadelphia's outdoor venue, Lincoln Financial Field.

Director: Leslie Small,Tim Story

Stars: Kevin Hart,Halle Berry,Don Cheadle,Ed Helms

5.8 IMDB Rating
The Missing Picture 2013

Rithy Panh uses clay figures, historical video footage, and also his narrative to recreate the atrocities Cambodia's Khmer Rouge committed in between ...

Director: Rithy Panh

Stars: Randal Douc,Jean-Baptiste Phou

7.4 IMDB Rating
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 2 2014

Sign up with the vibrant car duo as they encounter all type of difficulties and feats on their mission for the best road trip, which culminates in an ...

Director: Phil Churchward

Stars: Jeremy Clarkson,Richard Hammond,The Stig

7.8 IMDB Rating
Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe 1980

An enthusiastic chef, well-known filmmaker Werner Herzog packs some cooking aromatics right into his footwear and also utilizes the laces to truss it ...

Director: Les Blank

Stars: Werner Herzog,Tom Luddy,Michael Goodwin,Alice Waters

7.3 IMDB Rating
A Good Day to Die, Hoka Hey 2016

The story of Jason P. Howe, a conflict photojournalist. This documentary film is about the truths of operating in an amazing yet treacherous job. A jo...

Director: Harold Monfils

Stars: Roger Arnold,Connie Booth,Seamus Conlan,David Eades

8.1 IMDB Rating
The Farthest 2017

Is it mankind's greatest accomplishment? 12 billion miles away a tiny spacecraf is leaving our Planetary system and going into deep space of deep room...

Director: Emer Reynolds

Stars: Frank Drake,Carolyn Porco,John Casani,Lawrence Krauss

8.8 IMDB Rating
Icarus 2017

When Bryan Fogel lays out to discover the reality regarding doping in sports, a chance conference with a Russian researcher changes his story from an ...

Director: Bryan Fogel

Stars: Bryan Fogel,Nikita Kamaev,Grigory Rodchenkov

7.6 IMDB Rating
We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks 2013

A docudrama that information the production of Julian Assange's controversial internet site, which helped with the largest protection violation in U.S...

Director: Alex Gibney

Stars: John 'FuzzFace' McMahon,Alex Gibney,Julian Assange,Robert Manne

6.9 IMDB Rating
Waiting for ‘Superman’ 2010

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim reminds us that education "data" have names: Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Sissy, and Emily, whose tales comprise the engross...

Director: Davis Guggenheim

Stars: Charles Adam,Charles Adams,Jonathan Alter,Robert Balfanz

7.5 IMDB Rating
The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution 2015

This documentary informs the fluctuate of the Black Panther Event, one of the 20th century's most attractive and debatable organizations that mesmeriz...

Director: Stanley Nelson

Stars: Angela Arnold,Erica Ball,Rhon G. Flatts,Eric Lockley

7.2 IMDB Rating
Jimmy Carr: Funny Business 2016

A guy, with an extremely foolish laugh, informs jokes to a target market.

Director: Sam Wrench

Stars: Jimmy Carr

7.2 IMDB Rating
The Green Prince 2014

A Palestinian in Ramallah, Mosab Hassan Yousef grows up angry as well as all set to fight Israel. Arrested for smuggling guns at the age of 17, he's q...

Director: Nadav Schirman

Stars: Mosab Hassan Yousef,Gonen Ben Yitzhak,Sheikh Hassan Yousef

7.2 IMDB Rating
Monk with a Camera 2014

Nicholas Vreeland ignored a worldly life of benefit to become a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Grand son of fabulous Vogue editor, Diana Vreeland, and also tr...

Director: Tina Mascara,Guido Santi

Stars: The Dalai Lama,Khyongla Rinpoche,Nicky Vreeland,Alexander Vreeland

6.8 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Crazy About Tiffany’s 2016

A past to existing totally authorized documentary of Tiffany & Co.

Director: Matthew Miele

Stars: Jessica Biel,Katie Couric,Amy Fine-Collins,Fran Lebowitz

5.4 IMDB Rating
Justin Bieber’s Believe 2013

A backstage as well as on-stage consider Justin Bieber throughout his rise to very stardom.

Director: Jon M. Chu

Stars: Justin Bieber,Scooter Braun,Ryan Good,Usher Raymond

1.7 IMDB Rating
Visitors 2013

Director Godfrey Reggio discloses humankind's trance-like connection with modern technology, which, when commandeered by severe emotions, produces hug...

Director: Godfrey Reggio

6.2 IMDB Rating
Searching for Sugar Man 2012

In the very early 1970s, Sixto Rodriguez was a Detroit folksinger who had a short-term recording job with just 2 well gotten yet non-selling albums. U...

Director: Malik Bendjelloul

Stars: Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman,Dennis Coffey,Mike Theodore,Dan DiMaggio

8.2 IMDB Rating
Jackson 2016

With a single abortion facility remaining in the state of Mississippi, the city of Jackson has come to be ground zero in the nation's battle over repr...

Director: Maisie Crow

8.8 IMDB Rating
The Aristocrats 2005

Funny experts as well as co-creators Penn Jillette and also Paul Provenza capitalize on their insider condition as well as invite over 100 of their cl...

Director: Paul Provenza

Stars: Chris Albrecht,Jason Alexander,Hank Azaria,Shelley Berman

6.4 IMDB Rating
Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man 2009

With his wisecracking distinctive style of funny, Kevin Hart pokes fun at every person - also his audience.

Director: Shannon Hartman

Stars: Kevin Hart

7.8 IMDB Rating
Chuck Norris vs. Communism 2015

In 1980s Romania, thousands of Western films wrecked via the Iron Drape opening up a home window into the free globe for those who dared to look. A bl...

Director: Ilinca Calugareanu

Stars: Irina Margareta Nistor,Ana Maria Moldovan,Dan Chiorean,Valentin Oncu

7.5 IMDB Rating
Body Team 12 2015

Body Team 12 is entrusted with collecting the dead at the elevation of the Ebola episode. These body collectors have arguably one of the most dangerou...

Director: David Darg

7.3 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Drone 2014

The documentary adheres to individuals on both sides of the drone innovation. The distinct access to drone sufferers in Waziristan is compared to dron...

Director: Tonje Hessen Schei

Stars: Shahzad Akbar,Noor Behram,Brandon Bryant,Michael Haas

6.9 IMDB Rating
Woodstock 1970

An intimate look at the Woodstock Songs & Art Festival kept in Bethel, NY in 1969, from preparation through cleaning, with historic access to expe...

Director: Michael Wadleigh

Stars: Richie Havens,Joan Baez,The Who,Sha-Na-Na

8.1 IMDB Rating