Year: 2014
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Peter Pan Live! 2014

A live telecast of the beloved J. M. Barrie story.

Director: Rob Ashford,Glenn Weiss

Stars: Allison Williams,Christian Borle,Kelli O'Hara,Taylor Louderman

5.0 IMDB Rating 17 Views
Bhoothnath Returns 2014

Bhoothnath Returns takes Bhoothnath's story onward. As he goes back to 'Bhoot Globe' he is welcomed with put-downs and condemnation from various other...

Director: Nitesh Tiwari

Stars: Amitabh Bachchan,Boman Irani,Parth Bhalerao,Sanjay Mishra

6.9 IMDB Rating 13 Views
Styria 2014

Lara (Eleanor Tomlinson) as well as her separated papa, Dr. Hillside (Stephen Rea), traveling behind the iron curtain to a shabby castle outside the H...

Director: Mauricio Chernovetzky,Mark Devendorf

Stars: Eleanor Tomlinson,Erika Marozsán,Stephen Rea,Jules Willcox

6.8 IMDB Rating 21 Views
Viy 2014

Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Eco-friendly embarks on a scientific voyage from Europe to the East. Having actually travelled through Trans...

Director: Oleg Stepchenko

Stars: Jason Flemyng,Andrey Smolyakov,Aleksey Chadov,Agnia Ditkovskite

5.3 IMDB Rating 16 Views
Winter’s Tale 2014

New York City is subsumed in arctic winds, dark evenings, and also white lights, its life unfolds, for it is an extraordinary hive of the imagination,...

Director: Akiva Goldsman

Stars: Colin Farrell,Matt Bomer,Lucy Griffiths,Michael Crane

6.2 IMDB Rating 15 Views
Mythica: A Quest for Heroes 2014

Stuck in a life of indentured bondage, Marek dreams of coming to be a wizard. When she satisfies a gorgeous priestess, Teela, seeking assistance, Mare...

Director: Anne K. Black

Stars: Melanie Stone,Adam Johnson,Jake Stormoen,Nicola Posener

6.5 IMDB Rating 13 Views
Goodbye to Language 2014

The suggestion is straightforward: A married woman and also a single guy meet. They love, they argue, clenched fists fly. A pet dog strays in between ...

Director: Jean-Luc Godard

Stars: Héloïse Godet,Kamel Abdelli,Richard Chevallier,Zoé Bruneau

5.9 IMDB Rating 16 Views
The Frame 2014

From Jamin Winans, writer as well as supervisor of the cult smash hit, INK, comes a psychedelic sci-fi thriller about two strangers that find their li...

Director: Jamin Winans

Stars: David Carranza,Tiffany Mualem,Cal Bartlett,Christopher Soren Kelly

6.7 IMDB Rating 15 Views
Beauty and the Beast 2014

An unforeseen love blossoms after the youngest little girl of a seller who has actually fallen on tough times uses herself to the mystical monster to ...

Director: Christophe Gans

Stars: Vincent Cassel,Léa Seydoux,André Dussollier,Eduardo Noriega

6.4 IMDB Rating
Way of the Wicked 2014

Papa Henry mosts likely to a neighborhood cops investigator as well as they find out that a struggling teen with a dark past has just recently transfe...

Director: Kevin Carraway

Stars: Vinnie Jones,Christian Slater,Emily Tennant,Jake Croker

3.8 IMDB Rating 14 Views
All-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa 2014

A shopkeeper and a magazine editor were worked with as a temporary worker by The Louvre for a Mona Lisa exhibit to be held in Japan. Both soon discove...

Director: Shinsuke Sato

Stars: Haruka Ayase,Tôri Matsuzaka,Eriko Hatsune,Hiroaki Murakami

6.2 IMDB Rating 25 Views
In the Name of the King: The Last Job 2014

Dominic Purcell transforms from modern-day hit man to middle ages warrior in this action-packed experience influenced by the computer game series Dung...

Director: Uwe Boll

Stars: Dominic Purcell,Ralitsa Paskaleva,Daria Simeonova,Petra Gocheva

3.2 IMDB Rating 15 Views
Bird People 2014

In an airport terminal resort on the outskirts of Paris, a Silicon Valley engineer quickly chucks his work, breaks points off with his wife, as well a...

Director: Pascale Ferran

Stars: Josh Charles,Anaïs Demoustier,Roschdy Zem,Taklyt Vongdara

6.1 IMDB Rating 14 Views
Starry Eyes 2014

In Hollywood, the Big Taters'waitress Sarah Pedestrian is an ambitious hopeful actress that experiences hair drawing condition. Sarah does not respect...

Director: Kevin Kolsch,Dennis Widmyer

Stars: Alex Essoe,Amanda Fuller,Noah Segan,Fabianne Therese

6.0 IMDB Rating 19 Views
Twa-Tiu-Tiann 2014

Through a renowned painting "South Road Event", a Taiwanese university boy suddenly travels 100 years back in time, back to the 1920's, when Taiwan wa...

Director: Tien-Lun Yeh

Stars: Ko-Liang Chu,Sonia Sui,Chris Wang,Man-shu Jian

5.3 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Dragons of Camelot 2014

The Kingdom of Camelot is plunged right into darkness after the fatality of noble King Arthur, as the regime of his cruel sorceress sister, Morgan, st...

Director: Mark L. Lester

Stars: Alexandra Evans,Mark Griffin,James Nitti,Sandra Darnell

2.4 IMDB Rating 15 Views
Santa Claws 2014

Tommy, that is incapable to commemorate Xmas because his mother says Santa isn't actual, leaves his kittens out for Santa to take back to the North Po...

Director: Glenn Miller

Stars: Ezra James Colbert,Nicola Lambo,John P. Fowler,Jordan Bielsky

3.1 IMDB Rating 13 Views
Innocence 2014

After the unexpected death of her mom in a Montauck searching mishap, Beckett, 16, and also her papa, storyteller Miles Detector, move to the city to ...

Director: Hilary Brougher

Stars: Sophie Lane Curtis,Kelly Reilly,Graham Phillips,Linus Roache

4.5 IMDB Rating 12 Views
The Second Coming 2014

All the CHEN household want is a peaceful life yet as daughter Lucy's habits changes from unusual to terrible, they are required to face dark secrets ...

Director: Tin Chi Ng,Herman Yau

Stars: Joey Leong,Donald Li,Yat-long Li,Maggie Siu

4.8 IMDB Rating 18 Views
The Stranger 2014

Jayne is a young and eye-catching widow still grieving for her other half - she's at risk - making use of pills and also consume to fend off her agoni...

Director: John Craig Howells

Stars: Rachel McDowall,Darren Ripley,John Jenner,Lizzie Rogan

N/A IMDB Rating 15 Views
Bang Bang Baby 2014

A village teen in the 1960s thinks her imagine becoming a famous vocalist will become a reality when her rock star idolizer obtains stranded in the ar...

Director: Jeffrey St. Jules

Stars: Justin Chatwin,Peter Stormare,Jane Levy,Kristian Bruun

5.0 IMDB Rating 15 Views
Peter and the Colossus 2014

a quiet young child having problem with the loss of his parents as well as the broken connection with his older sibling, discovers comfort in the frie...

Director: Mitchel Viernes

Stars: Valen Ahlo,Teresa Apo,Carolyn Araki,Amber Leilani Awalt

4.5 IMDB Rating 13 Views
The War Within 2014

THE BATTLE WITHIN is a distinct fantasy that takes viewers to a globe that just God could see; the world of the internal man. Michael Sinclair (Brett ...

Director: Brett Varvel,Drew Varvel

Stars: Brett Varvel,Rebecca Reid,Gary Varvel,Daron Day

6.7 IMDB Rating 2 Views
OzLand 2014

In a completely dry and dusty post-apocalyptic world, 2 wayfarers stray aimlessly up until Leif discovers a duplicate of The Fantastic Wizard of Oz. U...

Director: Michael Williams

Stars: Casey Heflin,Glenn Payne,Dunlap Peeples IV,Zack Ratkovich

4.9 IMDB Rating 11 Views
Leprechaun: Origins 2014

Backpacking via the rich Irish countryside, two unsuspecting young couples find a town's cooling trick. Ben (Dunbar), Sophie (Bennet), David (Fletcher...

Director: Zach Lipovsky

Stars: Dylan Postl,Stephanie Bennett,Andrew Dunbar,Melissa Roxburgh

3.3 IMDB Rating 6 Views