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The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie 1989

Picking up promptly after where 'Poisonous Avenger Part 2' ended, after getting Apocolypse Inc. out of community, Toxie has nothing to do. He attempts...

Director: Michael Herz,Lloyd Kaufman

Stars: Ron Fazio,John Altamura,Phoebe Legere,Rick Collins

4.4 IMDB Rating
What Women Want 2000

Nick, a somewhat chauvinistic marketing director hot shot, has his life turned haywire when a fluke mishap enables him to hear exactly what women assu...

Director: Nancy Meyers

Stars: Mel Gibson,Helen Hunt,Marisa Tomei,Alan Alda

6.4 IMDB Rating
Puli 2015

Maru Dheeran is a meek child brought up in an enslaved village coming under the overbearing policy of the blue-eyed impressive 'Vedalam' group who bur...

Director: Chimbudeven

Stars: Joseph Vijay,Sudeep,Sridevi,Prabhu

4.8 IMDB Rating
Night Watch 2004

Amongst regular people live the "Others" possessing numerous supernatural powers. They are split up into the pressures of light as well as the forces ...

Director: Timur Bekmambetov

Stars: Konstantin Khabenskiy,Vladimir Menshov,Valeriy Zolotukhin,Mariya Poroshina

6.5 IMDB Rating
Bird People 2014

In an airport terminal resort on the outskirts of Paris, a Silicon Valley engineer quickly chucks his work, breaks points off with his wife, as well a...

Director: Pascale Ferran

Stars: Josh Charles,Anaïs Demoustier,Roschdy Zem,Taklyt Vongdara

6.1 IMDB Rating
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013

The brother or sisters Hansel and also Gretel are left alone in the woods by their dad and also recorded by a dark witch in a candy home. Nonetheless ...

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Stars: Jeremy Renner,Gemma Arterton,Famke Janssen,Pihla Viitala

6.1 IMDB Rating
Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan 2013

Young adults at a first-time transgressors' boot camp find the tale of the gigantic lumberjack Paul Bunyan is genuine, but is far more scary than they...

Director: Gary Jones

Stars: Amber Connor,Joe Estevez,Dan Haggerty,Thomas Downey

3.5 IMDB Rating
Rubinrot 2013

Gwendolyn Shepherd is in fact a very normal 16-year-old teen. Just what's bothersome is that her family members absolutely has a little bit way too ma...

Director: Felix Fuchssteiner

Stars: Josefine Preuß,Florian Bartholomäi,Uwe Kockisch,Johannes Silberschneider

6.2 IMDB Rating
Starry Eyes 2014

In Hollywood, the Big Taters'waitress Sarah Pedestrian is an ambitious hopeful actress that experiences hair drawing condition. Sarah does not respect...

Director: Kevin Kolsch,Dennis Widmyer

Stars: Alex Essoe,Amanda Fuller,Noah Segan,Fabianne Therese

6.0 IMDB Rating
Twa-Tiu-Tiann 2014

Through a renowned painting "South Road Event", a Taiwanese university boy suddenly travels 100 years back in time, back to the 1920's, when Taiwan wa...

Director: Tien-Lun Yeh

Stars: Ko-Liang Chu,Sonia Sui,Chris Wang,Man-shu Jian

5.3 IMDB Rating
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 2010

When his lightning screw is taken, Zeus charges Poseidon's son Percy Jackson as well as provides Poseidon's boy fourteen days to return it, otherwise ...

Director: Chris Columbus

Stars: Logan Lerman,Brandon T. Jackson,Alexandra Daddario,Jake Abel

5.9 IMDB Rating
Bunraku 2010

In a globe without any weapons, a mysterious drifter, a bartender and also a young samurai story revenge against a ruthless leader as well as his army...

Director: Guy Moshe

Stars: Josh Hartnett,Gackt,Woody Harrelson,Ron Perlman

6.2 IMDB Rating
A Little Princess 1995

When her daddy gets to fight for the British in WWI, young Sara Crewe goes to New York to participate in the exact same boarding school her late mothe...

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Stars: Liesel Matthews,Eleanor Bron,Liam Cunningham,Rusty Schwimmer

7.7 IMDB Rating
Crumbs 2015

Crumbs is a Spanish-Ethiopian Since imaginary love story. Fed up with getting the crumbs of gone-by human beings, Sweet dreams his life away when not ...

Director: Miguel Llansó

Stars: Daniel Tadesse,Tsegaye Abegaz,Shitaye Abraha,Nebeyu Bekele

6.1 IMDB Rating
What Dreams May Come 1998

After Chris Nielsen passes away in a vehicle crash, he is assisted with the afterlife by his spirit overview, Albert. His brand-new world is attractiv...

Director: Vincent Ward

Stars: Robin Williams,Cuba Gooding Jr.,Annabella Sciorra,Max von Sydow

7.0 IMDB Rating
Vikingdom 2013

In the midst of time comes the clanging of steel against steel, a collision of myth, background as well as fiction ... "Vikingdom". Loosely based on V...

Director: Yusry Abd Halim

Stars: Dominic Purcell,Natassia Malthe,Craig Fairbrass,Jon Foo

3.4 IMDB Rating
Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge 2001

The Cromwell clan reside in the real life, besides their grandmother who stays in Halloweentown, an area where beasts most likely to get away reality....

Director: Mary Lambert

Stars: Kimberly J. Brown,Judith Hoag,Daniel Kountz,Joey Zimmerman

6.5 IMDB Rating
Dragons of Camelot 2014

The Kingdom of Camelot is plunged right into darkness after the fatality of noble King Arthur, as the regime of his cruel sorceress sister, Morgan, st...

Director: Mark L. Lester

Stars: Alexandra Evans,Mark Griffin,James Nitti,Sandra Darnell

2.4 IMDB Rating
Little Red Riding Hood 2015

A Bro Grimm's Scary Version of the Classic Fairytale.

Director: Rene Perez

Stars: Iren Levy,Nicole Stark,Robert Amstler,Alanna Forte

1.6 IMDB Rating
Santa Claws 2014

Tommy, that is incapable to commemorate Xmas because his mother says Santa isn't actual, leaves his kittens out for Santa to take back to the North Po...

Director: Glenn Miller

Stars: Ezra James Colbert,Nicola Lambo,John P. Fowler,Jordan Bielsky

3.1 IMDB Rating
Gopala Gopala 2015

The movie is a remake of the 2012 Hindi movie OMG as well as has to do with an atheist Gopala Rao who sues god after losing his shop in an earthquake ...

Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani

Stars: Anisha Ambrose,Mithun Chakraborty,Venkatesh Daggubati,Pawan Kalyan

7.6 IMDB Rating
Innocence 2014

After the unexpected death of her mom in a Montauck searching mishap, Beckett, 16, and also her papa, storyteller Miles Detector, move to the city to ...

Director: Hilary Brougher

Stars: Sophie Lane Curtis,Kelly Reilly,Graham Phillips,Linus Roache

4.5 IMDB Rating
The Second Coming 2014

All the CHEN household want is a peaceful life yet as daughter Lucy's habits changes from unusual to terrible, they are required to face dark secrets ...

Director: Tin Chi Ng,Herman Yau

Stars: Joey Leong,Donald Li,Yat-long Li,Maggie Siu

4.8 IMDB Rating
Elektra 2005

In the best fight in between excellent and bad stands a warrior who makes the option that pointers the equilibrium. A strong, mysterious as well as a ...

Director: Rob Bowman

Stars: Jennifer Garner,Goran Visnjic,Kirsten Prout,Will Yun Lee

4.8 IMDB Rating
Sabrina the Teenage Witch 1996

A lady, sent by her parents to deal with her 2 eccentric aunts, learns on her sixteenth birthday that she is a witch.

Director: Tibor Takács

Stars: Melissa Joan Hart,Sherry Miller,Charlene Fernetz,Michelle Beaudoin

6.3 IMDB Rating