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Taven 2015

In the Latter Day of the Saha Globe, Taven as well as the Union of Justice (or COJ) were combating a 10,000-year-old battle versus the symptom of the ...

Director: Teli Share

Stars: Iryna Dyakun,Mayra Grimaldo,Augustine H.,Tyrone Howard

3.2 IMDB Rating
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007

Everything seems to be going wonderful for the Superb Four. Reed and Sue are ultimately marrying, and also things couldn't seem better. Nonetheless, w...

Director: Tim Story

Stars: Ioan Gruffudd,Jessica Alba,Chris Evans,Michael Chiklis

5.6 IMDB Rating
Warlords of the Deep 1978

Searching for the lost world of Atlantis, Prof. Aitken, his son Charles and also Greg Collinson are betrayed by the crew of their expedition's ship, b...

Director: Kevin Connor

Stars: Doug McClure,Peter Gilmore,Shane Rimmer,Lea Brodie

5.7 IMDB Rating
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors 1987

Picking up where the initial Nightmare ended, Nancy has actually grown up and become a psychoanalyst focusing on dream therapy. She meets a team of ch...

Director: Chuck Russell

Stars: Heather Langenkamp,Craig Wasson,Patricia Arquette,Robert Englund

6.6 IMDB Rating
The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993

Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Community, is bored with doing the same thing each year for Halloween. Eventually he stumbles right in...

Director: Henry Selick

Stars: Danny Elfman,Chris Sarandon,Catherine O'Hara,William Hickey

8.0 IMDB Rating
Down to Earth 2001

It seems every person is trying to enter into paradise; at the very least those whose time is up. For Lance Barton, a struggling comic and bicycle car...

Director: Chris Weitz,Paul Weitz

Stars: Chris Rock,Regina King,Chazz Palminteri,Eugene Levy

5.4 IMDB Rating
The Circle 2015

An otherworldly wickedness is slipping into a small town in Sweden. 6 unassociated ladies have actually been decided to battle this wickedness. Togeth...

Director: Levan Akin

Stars: Josefin Asplund,Helena Engström,Miranda Frydman,Irma von Platen

5.9 IMDB Rating
The Lovely Bones 2009

A 14-year-old girl in suv 1970's Pennsylvania is murdered by her next-door neighbor. She informs the story from the place between Heaven and Earth, sh...

Director: Peter Jackson

Stars: Mark Wahlberg,Rachel Weisz,Susan Sarandon,Stanley Tucci

6.7 IMDB Rating 1 Views
The Stranger 2014

Jayne is a young and eye-catching widow still grieving for her other half - she's at risk - making use of pills and also consume to fend off her agoni...

Director: John Craig Howells

Stars: Rachel McDowall,Darren Ripley,John Jenner,Lizzie Rogan

N/A IMDB Rating
Avalon 2001

In a future world, youths are significantly ending up being addicted to a prohibited (and also possibly dangerous) battle simulation game called Avalo...

Director: Mamoru Oshii

Stars: Malgorzata Foremniak,Wladyslaw Kowalski,Jerzy Gudejko,Dariusz Biskupski

6.5 IMDB Rating
The Lost World 1960

Teacher Opposition leads team of researchers and travelers to a remote plateau deep within the Amazonian jungle to examine reports that dinosaurs stil...

Director: Irwin Allen

Stars: Michael Rennie,Jill St. John,David Hedison,Claude Rains

5.5 IMDB Rating
Conan the Barbarian 1982

A town is attacked by the bad ruler of the Serpent Cult, Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones) and also his wicked warriors, when Thulsa Ruin and also his wa...

Director: John Milius

Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger,James Earl Jones,Max von Sydow,Sandahl Bergman

6.9 IMDB Rating
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 1999

When 4 children in South Park Stan Marsh, Kyle and also his stepbrother Ike Broflovski, Eric Cartman, as well as Kenny McCormick sees an R-rated motio...

Director: Trey Parker

Stars: Trey Parker,Matt Stone,Mary Kay Bergman,Isaac Hayes

7.8 IMDB Rating
A Christmas Carol 1938

On Xmas Eve, an old penny pincher called Ebenezer Scrooge is gone to by the spirit of his previous partner, Jacob Marley. The deceased companion remai...

Director: Edwin L. Marin

Stars: Reginald Owen,Gene Lockhart,Kathleen Lockhart,Terry Kilburn

7.5 IMDB Rating
The Son of Kong 1933

After the tragic outcomes of his last exploration, Carl Denham leaves New york city aboard a ship to run away all the trouble. After a mutiny, he and ...

Director: Ernest B. Schoedsack

Stars: Robert Armstrong,Helen Mack,Frank Reicher,John Marston

5.8 IMDB Rating
The City of Lost Children 1995

Embed in a dystopian culture, someone is kidnapping the kids. Krank as well as atrioventricular bundle of clones are using the kids to gather their de...

Director: Marc Caro,Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Stars: Ron Perlman,Daniel Emilfork,Judith Vittet,Dominique Pinon

7.7 IMDB Rating
Darby O’Gill and the Little People 1959

Darby O'Gill seems to be as packed with blarney as any type of old codger in Ireland, but the stories of leprechauns he tells at the club are true. Ac...

Director: Robert Stevenson

Stars: Albert Sharpe,Janet Munro,Sean Connery,Jimmy O'Dea

7.2 IMDB Rating
The Rainbow Thief 1990

A minor crook, looking for the typical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, wants to money in by befriending the heir to a significant ton of money.

Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Stars: Peter O'Toole,Omar Sharif,Christopher Lee,Jude Alderson

6.1 IMDB Rating
Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge 1991

Set in Berlin throughout WWII, the Nazi regime is trying to establish a medication that will certainly animate the dead, in order to make use of in th...

Director: David DeCoteau

Stars: Guy Rolfe,Richard Lynch,Ian Abercrombie,Kristopher Logan

6.1 IMDB Rating
Pirate’s Passage 2015

In 1950s Grey Rocks, Nova Scotia, a strange old seadog named Captain Charles Johnson concerns port and also takes up residence in the inn of Kerstin H...

Director: Mike Barth,Jamie Gallant

Stars: Donald Sutherland,Gage Munroe,Carrie-Anne Moss,Megan Follows

6.9 IMDB Rating
The Mermaid 2016

Xuan's estate task involving improvement of the sea threatens the resources of the mermaids that depend on the sea to survive. Shan is dispatched to q...

Director: Stephen Chow

Stars: Chao Deng,Show Lo,Yuqi Zhang,Yun Lin

6.3 IMDB Rating
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie 1990

This is really 3 much shorter flicks, bound with each other by a 4th story in which the other three stories are read. The first section includes a com...

Director: John Harrison

Stars: Debbie Harry,David Forrester,Matthew Lawrence,Christian Slater

6.2 IMDB Rating
House 1985

Roger Cobb is a Vietnam vet whose career as a horror writer has deviated for the even worse when his boy Jimmy strangely goes away while seeing his au...

Director: Steve Miner

Stars: William Katt,George Wendt,Richard Moll,Kay Lenz

6.2 IMDB Rating
Mr. Popper’s Penguins 2011

Tom Popper grew up having little interaction with his daddy who was off discovering the world. When he matures he invests most of time on his work as ...

Director: Mark Waters

Stars: Jim Carrey,Carla Gugino,Angela Lansbury,Ophelia Lovibond

6.0 IMDB Rating
Vampire Killers 2009

Centuries back, Baron Wolfgang MacLaren vanquished the Vampire Queen Carmilla in the remote Cragwich; nevertheless, prior to decapitating the evil vam...

Director: Phil Claydon

Stars: Silvia Colloca,Margarita Hall,Sianad Gregory,Mathew Horne

5.2 IMDB Rating