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The Blob 1958

A strange creature from an additional earth, looking like a large ball of jelly, lands on planet. The people of a nearby town choose not to pay attent...

Director: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.,Russell S. Doughten Jr.

Stars: Steve McQueen,Aneta Corsaut,Earl Rowe,Olin Howland

6.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956

Dr. Miles Bennell returns to his village practice to discover several of his clients enduring the paranoid misconception that their good friends or re...

Director: Don Siegel

Stars: Kevin McCarthy,Dana Wynter,Larry Gates,King Donovan

7.8 IMDB Rating
Godzilla 1954

Japan is thrown into a panic after numerous ships explode and also are sunk. Initially, the authorities believe its either undersea mines or undersea ...

Director: Ishirô Honda

Stars: Akira Takarada,Momoko Kôchi,Akihiko Hirata,Takashi Shimura

7.5 IMDB Rating 1 Views
The Curse of the Cat People 1944

This primarily unrelated sequel to Cat Individuals (1942) has Amy, the young little girl of Oliver and Alice Reed. Amy is a very creative youngster wh...

Director: Gunther von Fritsch,Robert Wise

Stars: Simone Simon,Kent Smith,Jane Randolph,Ann Carter

6.9 IMDB Rating 1 Views
White Zombie 1932

Young pair Madeleine and Neil are coaxed by acquaintance Monsieur Beaumont to get married on his Haitian plantation. Beaumont's intentions are purely ...

Director: Victor Halperin

Stars: Bela Lugosi,Madge Bellamy,Joseph Cawthorn,Robert Frazer

6.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Boo! A Madea Halloween 2016

In BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN, Tyler Perry returns as Madea to establish the area directly on Halloween night. While aiming to watch on a couple of misbeh...

Director: Tyler Perry

Stars: Tyler Perry,Cassi Davis,Patrice Lovely,Bella Thorne

4.7 IMDB Rating
Eye See You 2002

FBI agent Jake Malloy just cannot fingernail a serial awesome who's been targeting cops. The awesome has already killed 9 polices. Not only does the a...

Director: Jim Gillespie

Stars: Sylvester Stallone,Charles S. Dutton,Polly Walker,Kris Kristofferson

5.3 IMDB Rating 1 Views
The Visitor 1979

John Huston stars as an intergalactic warrior who joins a cosmic Christ number in battle versus a demonic 8-year-old girl, and her animal hawk, while ...

Director: Giulio Paradisi

Stars: Mel Ferrer,Glenn Ford,Lance Henriksen,John Huston

4.9 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Theatre of the Dead 2013

A dancing troupe caught in their theater by the Zombie Apocalypse find that the danger does not just exist beyond the chained doors, and that there ar...

Director: Patrick J. Gallagher

Stars: Emma Gleeson,Rob Baird,Ché Baker,Andy Bramble

5.6 IMDB Rating
I Know You’re in There 2016

When his mom devotes suicide, Tom Redding finds he has a long shed sis who could stagnate or speak. Together they travel to their dead mother's separa...

Director: Robert Lawson Gordon

Stars: Mindee de Lacey,Will Hurst,Karin Lee,Grainne McDermott

4.5 IMDB Rating
Rat Scratch Fever 2011

Brought back from a doomed room goal, a military of huge rats develop a big hunger for L.a locals.

Director: Jeff Leroy

Stars: Randal Malone,Tasha Tacosa,Ford Austin,Eric Flenner

5.6 IMDB Rating
Killer Biker Chicks 2009

Awesome Biker Chicks are warm females living out in the desert flirting with sex, drugs, rock & roll and also murder.

Director: Regan Redding

Stars: Brenna Roth,Sara Plotkin,Sarah French,Elske McCain

3.0 IMDB Rating
Exit Humanity 2011

A boy's struggle to make it through in the aftermath of a harmful undead outbreak during the American Civil War.

Director: John Geddes

Stars: Brian Cox,Mark Gibson,Dee Wallace,Bill Moseley

5.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Trail of Blood On the Trail 2015

A man's attempt at a romantic marital relationship proposition on a separated biking path doesn't exercise as planned. Points only worsen as the zombi...

Director: Kate Lavin

Stars: Johnny Aspromonte,Jeff Bailey,Dennis Brasier,Aileeah Colgan

4.9 IMDB Rating
The Hours Till Daylight 2015

Marco Vasquez as well as his family members have actually seen misfortune as well as misery throughout their lives by an evil entity. Since Marco will...

Director: Jon Garcia

Stars: Vannessa Vasquez,Sarah Jannett Parish,Carlos Sepulveda,Jon Garcia

4.2 IMDB Rating
The Mildew from Planet Xonader 2015

The year is 1984. Researchers at the deceptive Bentan Labs are celebrating the completion of their most current weapons project: a previously unknown ...

Director: Giulio De Santi,Neil Meschino

Stars: Wilmar Zimosa,Edward X. Young,Mike Keller,Lawrence George

6.1 IMDB Rating
Serial Kaller 2014

A team of attractive Web models are caught inside their recording workshop and hounded by an emotionally unpredictable follower they insulted reside o...

Director: Dan Brownlie

Stars: Debbie Rochon,Dani Thompson,Suzi Lorraine,Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar

4.1 IMDB Rating
The Ripper 1985

An old antique ring transforms an university teacher right into a bloodthirsty maniac when he puts it on. The ring originaly came from Jack the Ripper...

Director: Christopher Lewis

Stars: Tom Schreier,Mona Van Pernis,Wade Tower,Tom Savini

3.8 IMDB Rating
Meathook Massacre 2015

Director: Dustin Ferguson

Stars: Danielle Brookshire,Robert Lankford,Breana Mitchell,Vanessa Smith

3.2 IMDB Rating
The Strange House 2015

A young girl making believe to be the dead granddaughter of a troubling grandma starts experiencing horrific visions of the dead granddaughter, causin...

Director: Danny Pang

Stars: Siu-Fai Cheung,Yi Song,Zitian Tian,Jiao Xu

5.3 IMDB Rating
Tombs of the Blind Dead 1972

In the 13th century there existed a legion of evil knights known as the Templars, who quested for eternal life by consuming alcohol human blood and co...

Director: Amando de Ossorio

Stars: Lone Fleming,César Burner,María Elena Arpón,José Thelman

6.2 IMDB Rating
Camp Blood 2000

Out as well as regarding on an outdoor camping trip in the woods without a treatment in the world, four campers located themselves in an unidentified ...

Director: Brad Sykes

Stars: Jennifer Ritchkoff,Michael Taylor,Tim Young,Betheny Zolt

3.1 IMDB Rating
Isolation 2005

The busted farmer Dan rents his farm for the scientist John from the Bovine Genetics Innovation that is investigating genetic engineerings of livestoc...

Director: Billy O'Brien

Stars: Essie Davis,Sean Harris,Marcel Iures,Crispin Letts

5.6 IMDB Rating
Body Parts 1991

When Expense Chrashank sheds his arm in an auto crash, the arm of a performed death row inmate is implanted on in its area. The only problem, as Costs...

Director: Eric Red

Stars: Jeff Fahey,Lindsay Duncan,Kim Delaney,Zakes Mokae

5.5 IMDB Rating
Dead Cert 2010

A gang of challenging London gangsters obtain greater than they imagined when a team of businessmen make an offer to buy their club, the Inferno. They...

Director: Steven Lawson

Stars: Craig Fairbrass,Jason Flemyng,Dexter Fletcher,Danny Midwinter

3.6 IMDB Rating