1882 found movie
From Here to Eternity 1953

It's 1941. Robert E. Lee Prewitt has requested Army transfer as well as has ended up at Schofield in Hawaii. His new captain, Dana Holmes, has actuall...

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Stars: Burt Lancaster,Montgomery Clift,Deborah Kerr,Donna Reed

7.7 IMDB Rating
The Razor’s Edge 1946

Well-to-do Chicagoan, Larry Darrell, breaks short his interaction to Isabel as well as travels the globe seeking knowledge, ultimately finding his gur...

Director: Edmund Goulding

Stars: Tyrone Power,Gene Tierney,John Payne,Anne Baxter

7.5 IMDB Rating
Beauty and the Beast 1946

Adélaïde, Belle, Félicie and Ludovic are young adult siblings who when resided in grandeur until their dad's merchant ships were shed mixed-up. The ho...

Director: Jean Cocteau,René Clément

Stars: Jean Marais,Josette Day,Mila Parély,Nane Germon

8.0 IMDB Rating
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945

In Brooklyn circa 1900, the Nolans handle to delight in life on cents in spite of terrific hardship as well as Papa's alcohol addiction. We come to kn...

Director: Elia Kazan

Stars: Dorothy McGuire,Joan Blondell,James Dunn,Lloyd Nolan

8.1 IMDB Rating
They Died with Their Boots On 1941

An extremely fictionalized account of the life of George Armstrong Custer from his arrival at West Factor in 1857 to his fatality at the battle of the...

Director: Raoul Walsh

Stars: Errol Flynn,Olivia de Havilland,Arthur Kennedy,Charley Grapewin

7.3 IMDB Rating
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1939

King Louis XI is a smart and also old king as well as Frollo is the Principal Justice. Frollo gazes on the gypsy woman, Esmeralda, in the church throu...

Director: William Dieterle

Stars: Charles Laughton,Cedric Hardwicke,Thomas Mitchell,Maureen O'Hara

7.9 IMDB Rating
Dark Victory 1939

A young socialite is identified with an inoperable brain tumor, and have to decide whether or not she'll meet her final days with self-respect.

Director: Edmund Goulding

Stars: Bette Davis,George Brent,Humphrey Bogart,Geraldine Fitzgerald

7.6 IMDB Rating
The Four Feathers 1939

Surrendering his compensation on the eve of his device's release versus Egyptian rebels, a British policeman looks for to retrieve his cowardice by co...

Director: Zoltan Korda

Stars: John Clements,Ralph Richardson,C. Aubrey Smith,June Duprez

7.6 IMDB Rating
Shall We Dance 1937

Dancing star Pete "Petrov" Peters organizes to go across the Atlantic aboard the same ship as the dancer he's fallen for but hardly understands, music...

Director: Mark Sandrich

Stars: Fred Astaire,Ginger Rogers,Edward Everett Horton,Eric Blore

7.6 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Imitation of Life 1934

Bea Pullman and her daughter Jessie have had a tough time making ends meet given that Bea's husband died. Aid is available in the form of Delilah John...

Director: John M. Stahl

Stars: Claudette Colbert,Warren William,Rochelle Hudson,Ned Sparks

7.6 IMDB Rating
Horse Feathers 1932

Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff has actually just been installed as the new president of Huxley University. His cavalier attitude towards education is...

Director: Norman Z. McLeod

Stars: The Marx Brothers,Groucho Marx,Harpo Marx,Chico Marx

7.7 IMDB Rating 1 Views
A Farewell to Arms 1932

A story of the love between rescue chauffeur Lt. Henry and also Nurse Catherine Barkley throughout World War I. The activity happens in Italy and both...

Director: Frank Borzage

Stars: Helen Hayes,Gary Cooper,Adolphe Menjou,Mary Philips

6.6 IMDB Rating
Wings 1927

2 boys from the very same community but various social classes end up as boxer pilots in WW1. Jack Preston is an eager grease monkey, structure and al...

Director: William A. Wellman,Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast

Stars: Clara Bow,Charles 'Buddy' Rogers,Richard Arlen,Jobyna Ralston

7.8 IMDB Rating 1 Views
The Big Parade 1925

The idle son of a rich businessman joins the military when the U.S.A. gets in World Battle One. He is sent out to France, where he ends up being frien...

Director: King Vidor,George W. Hill

Stars: John Gilbert,Renée Adorée,Hobart Bosworth,Claire McDowell

8.3 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Chéri 2009

During France's belle époque prior to World war, classy cars and trucks, estates, as well as servants defined the lives of les grandes horizontals, th...

Director: Stephen Frears

Stars: Michelle Pfeiffer,Frances Tomelty,Tom Burke,Rupert Friend

6.2 IMDB Rating
Leather 2013

Birch, a boy living in the Catskill Hills, rejoins with his youth good friend from the city, Andrew.

Director: Patrick McGuinn

Stars: Chris Graham,Andrew Glaszek,Jeremy Neal,Glenda Lauten

5.1 IMDB Rating
Girls’ Generation 2016

Three directors, three group of trainees, three tales, all focusing on the upcoming National Pupils' Skill Competition, where all the pupils training ...

Director: Ah-Niu,Leken Chin,Yu Zhao

Stars: J.C. Chee,Daphne Chuah,ChienLing Kong,Hsuan-Chi Kuo

5.5 IMDB Rating
Pursuit 2015

A modern Irish gangland version of the old Irish tale of Diarmuid and Gráinne. Gráinne is daughter of a major crime boss and is promised to wed the te...

Director: Paul Mercier

Stars: Ruth Bradley,Barry Ward,Liam Cunningham,Owen Roe

5.9 IMDB Rating
Other People’s Money 1991

A corporate raider threatens a hostile take-over of a "mommy and also pop" firm. The patriarch of the business gets the aid of his better half's child...

Director: Norman Jewison

Stars: Danny DeVito,Gregory Peck,Penelope Ann Miller,Piper Laurie

6.1 IMDB Rating
Caveman 1981

A basic caveman accidently becomes leader of a clan of cavemisfits and also castaways. But he eventually wants to outsmart the larger, more powerful l...

Director: Carl Gottlieb

Stars: Ringo Starr,Dennis Quaid,Shelley Long,Jack Gilford

5.7 IMDB Rating
Victim of Love 1991

Carla Simmons is a disturbed suicidal girl, who can not overcome her sly ex partner. Tess Palmer is her therapist as well as she's really stressed ove...

Director: Jerry London

Stars: Pierce Brosnan,JoBeth Williams,Virginia Madsen,Georgia Brown

5.5 IMDB Rating
Monsoon 2015

The movie focuses on the story of a 15 year old man who loves a 28 years of age girl. The girl is now a widow as her other half that was a forest poli...

Director: Suzad Iqbal Khan

Stars: Shawar Ali,Pramod Goswami,Raja Gulati,Suzad Iqbal Khan

3.6 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Cam Girlz 2015

Webcam Girlz gets in the world of webcam sex employees who discover economic freedom, empowerment, intimacy and innovative self expression from the co...

Director: Sean Dunne

Stars: Kate Archer,Aella Martin

6.3 IMDB Rating
Junooniyat 2016

Captain Jahan Bakshi rescues a Punjabi girl, Suhani. This starts a friendship that develops right into an enthusiastic romance.

Director: Vivek Agnihotri

Stars: Taran Bajaj,Manoj Bakshi,Madhuri D. Bandiwedkar,Vivek Bhatnagar

4.3 IMDB Rating
Easy Virtue 2008

In between globe wars, the Whittaker's estate is sinking; just the decision of Mrs. Whittaker fends off personal bankruptcy while she awaits her boy J...

Director: Stephan Elliott

Stars: Jessica Biel,Ben Barnes,Kristin Scott Thomas,Colin Firth

6.7 IMDB Rating