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13 Minutes 2015

Eliminate or die. A society of patriots examinations their fellow-countryman dedication to liberty.

Director: Gregory Alan Williams

Stars: Rachel Beasley,Bruce Blackshear,Tonya Dorisca,Nestor Fuentes

N/A IMDB Rating
Robbery 2015

A financial institution robs his customer.

Director: Massimo Coglitore

Stars: Cecilia Ciccorelli,Riccardo Marzi,Pier Luigi Misasi

10.0 IMDB Rating
Under the Dark Wing 2014

A mystical girl gets in the lives of two small time thugs. Without warning her presence for life modifies their fates.

Director: Christopher Di Nunzio

Stars: Jessy Rowe,David Graziano,Fiore Leo,Keith Bennett

7.5 IMDB Rating
Blind Date 2015

A socially uncomfortable, middle-aged guy, who copes with his loud mouth, paraplegic mommy, takes place a blind date.

Director: Mragendra Singh

Stars: Carl Mergenthaler,Loraelei Temoney,Evgenia Korun,Tony Reeves

N/A IMDB Rating
Insanity 2014

How do you understand if your truth is actual? A journey right into the mind of a real twisted lady.

Director: Sabine Mondestin

Stars: Sabine Mondestin,Carolyn Adair,Anthony Ecclissi,Mason Jamzz

N/A IMDB Rating
Flesh Computer 2014

When his cybernetic animal task is risked, the handyman of a rotting apartment is forced to decide, blurring the lines in between human and device.

Director: Ethan Shaftel

Stars: David Chalmers,Elle Gabriel,Anthony Guerino,Rob Kerkovich

6.1 IMDB Rating
Yardbird 2012

A young girl who lives in a remote ravaging yard handles the local bullies when they travel bent on torture her dad.

Director: Michael Spiccia

Stars: Mitzi Ruhlmann,Wade Briggs,Luke Elliot,James Malcher

7.2 IMDB Rating
Playing with the Devil 2014

While residence alone, 3 sis conduct a Japanese routine of Hitori Kakurenbo or "One Guy Tag" with their precious doll. Terror ensues as the women unde...

Director: Nick Stentzel

Stars: Treuherz Valerie,Rachel Frain,Jessica Hadlock

6.0 IMDB Rating
Critters: Bounty Hunter 2014

An alien bounty hunter goes into a scene of suburban carnage, where something heavenly has been eating humans.

Director: Jordan Downey

Stars: Jordan Downey

6.7 IMDB Rating 1 Views
The 414s 2015

THE 414s informs the tale of the very first extensively identified computer system hackers, a team of Milwaukee teens who acquired notoriety in 1983 w...

Director: Michael T. Vollmann

Stars: Neal Patrick,Timothy Winslow,Gerald Wondra,John Sauls

7.5 IMDB Rating
The Veil 2016

The heart damaging story of a quite girl and her search for justice after she endures terrible disfigurement from an acid attack to her face as punish...

Director: Michael Griffin

N/A IMDB Rating
Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past 2015

A TMNT one hr TV special based on the Half Shell Heroes toy-line. The turtles get snapped back right into the past and also has to find their means th...

Director: Glen Murakami

Stars: Seth Green,Sean Astin,Greg Cipes,Rob Paulsen

7.0 IMDB Rating
Lava 2014

A story that occurs over countless years and is inspired by the beauty of exotic islands as well as the allure of sea volcanoes.

Director: James Ford Murphy

Stars: Kuana Torres Kahele,Napua Makua

7.2 IMDB Rating
A Close Shave 1995

When Wallace as well as Gromit visit wash home windows, Wallace falls in love with a woollen shopkeeper called Wendolene. Meanwhile, Gromit is framed ...

Director: Nick Park

Stars: Peter Sallis,Anne Reid

8.2 IMDB Rating
Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens: The Story Awakens – The Table Read 2016

Stars: J.J. Abrams,John Boyega,Adam Driver,Carrie Fisher

7.0 IMDB Rating
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 2011

When Sid unintentionally destroys Manny's antique Xmas rock as well as winds up on Santa's mischievous checklist, he leads a humorous pursuit to the N...

Director: Karen Disher

Stars: Ray Romano,John Leguizamo,Denis Leary,Queen Latifah

6.5 IMDB Rating
Lo imposible 2013

Director: Jesús Martínez Nota

Stars: Antonio Albujer,Cristina Jiménez,Jimmy Jiménez,Manu Reyes

7.6 IMDB Rating
Lifted 2006

It's evening; crickets chirp outside a separated farmhouse. An intense light from a spacecraft beams with a room window and also lifts a sleeping male...

Director: Gary Rydstrom

7.9 IMDB Rating
Tell 2012

Gripped by the worry of possible consequences and hurt by the regret of his violent activities, Taylor looks for to hide his transgressions in hopes t...

Director: Ryan Connolly

Stars: Todd Bruno,Brigitte Kali Canales,Tim Connolly Jr.,Shana Eva

7.2 IMDB Rating
Born to Be Wild 2011

This heartfelt film files orphaned orangutans as well as elephants as well as the extraordinary people that rescue and elevate them-saving jeopardized...

Director: David Lickley

Stars: Morgan Freeman,Birute Galdikas,Daphne Sheldrick

7.6 IMDB Rating
Freddy Vs. Jason Weigh-In Las Vegas 2003

One month prior to Freddy vs. Jason (2003)'s premiere, a weigh-in over at Bally's Las Vegas Resort on the odds of winning for both motion picture seri...

Stars: Michael Buffer,Sean S. Cunningham,Robert Englund,David Giammarco

8.4 IMDB Rating
The Massively Mixed-Up Middle School Mystery 2014

When the ultimate trick sends their principal under water, it depends on Everett, Alyssa as well as Riley to place their incredibly detective abilitie...

Director: Will Eisenberg

Stars: Garrett Ryan,Adam Hochstetter,Haley Tju,Brianne Tju

7.7 IMDB Rating
The Lost Boy 2007

A narcoleptic man who thinks he is Peter Pan goes to a little boy's birthday celebration event much to the irritation of the little boy's mommy. As so...

Director: Tom Flynn

Stars: Maddie Allin,Jarrett Michael Barker,Evan Bryant,Beth Burns

8.9 IMDB Rating
Halloween 2: The Story of the Ghost 2015

After Luke and also Mike invoke the Halloween Ghost we learn the tale behind him.

Director: Roberto Zmiric

Stars: Daniel Schroeder,Viviana Jepure,Leo Markmann,Leon Okoko

8.6 IMDB Rating
Dark Was the Night 2015

An adolescent child, Vik, and her dad, Wyatt, squeeze out trapped lives aboard a crashed spacecraf, divided from each various other by a wall surface ...

Director: Sam McMullen

Stars: Daniel O'Meara,Zara Plessard,Anna Rowland,Daisy Waterstone

N/A IMDB Rating