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Blazing Saddles 1974

The Ultimate Western Satire. A community where every person appears to be named Johnson remains in the means of the railway. In order to get their lan...

Director: Mel Brooks

Stars: Cleavon Little,Gene Wilder,Slim Pickens,Harvey Korman

7.8 IMDB Rating 2 Views
The Wild Bunch 1969

In bush Number the motion picture opens with a team of aging hooligan's final rating, a bank burglary. The occasion concludes with a violent as well a...

Director: Sam Peckinpah

Stars: William Holden,Ernest Borgnine,Robert Ryan,Edmond O'Brien

8.0 IMDB Rating 1 Views
4Got10 2015

Brian Barnes (Johnny Messner) awakens in the desert wounded and without any memory and also no suggestion why he's surrounded by eight bodies, a van w...

Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.

Stars: Johnny Messner,Dolph Lundgren,Danny Trejo,Vivica A. Fox

4.1 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Giant 1956

Texan breeder Bick Benedict visits a Maryland farm to get a prize equine. Whilst there he meets and also loves the proprietor's little girl Leslie, th...

Director: George Stevens

Stars: Elizabeth Taylor,Rock Hudson,James Dean,Carroll Baker

7.7 IMDB Rating
Edge 2015

An aired adaptation of the 'Edge' book collection by George G. Gilman.

Director: Shane Black

Stars: Max Martini,Ryan Kwanten,Yvonne Strahovski,Alicja Bachleda

6.4 IMDB Rating
The Villain 1979

"Cactus" Jack Slade (Douglas) is the meanest bad man in the west approximately he assumes. When a bank robbery goes awry, he lands in jail facing an e...

Director: Hal Needham

Stars: Kirk Douglas,Ann-Margret,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Paul Lynde

5.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views
True Grit 1969

The murder of her father sends out an adolescent tomboy, Mattie Ross, (Kim Darby), on a goal of "justice", which involves retaliating her daddy's fata...

Director: Henry Hathaway

Stars: John Wayne,Glen Campbell,Kim Darby,Jeremy Slate

7.4 IMDB Rating
My Name Is Nobody 1973

Jack Beauregard, when the greatest gunslinger of the Old West, just wishes to relocate to Europe and retire in tranquility, however a young gunfighter...

Director: Tonino Valerii

Stars: Terence Hill,Henry Fonda,Jean Martin,R.G. Armstrong

7.5 IMDB Rating
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948

Fred C. Dobbs as well as Bob Curtin, both down on their good luck in Tampico, Mexico in 1925, meet a grizzled prospector named Howard and determine to...

Director: John Huston

Stars: Humphrey Bogart,Walter Huston,Tim Holt,Bruce Bennett

8.3 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Broken Trail 2006

Embed in 1898, Print Ritter and his separated nephew Tom Harte end up being the reluctant guardians of five abused as well as abandoned Chinese ladies...

Stars: Robert Duvall,Thomas Haden Church,Greta Scacchi,Chris Mulkey

7.8 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Love Begins 2011

Clark Davis adventurous desire for seeing the globe are put into risk after he and also a buddy begin a battle which harms a regional coffee shop. Thr...

Director: David S. Cass Sr.

Stars: Wes Brown,Julie Mond,Abigail Mavity,Jere Burns

6.9 IMDB Rating 3 Views
The Mountain Men 1980

A set of grizzled frontiersmen fight Indians, guzzle liquor, as well as take squaws in their look for an epic valley 'so filled with beaver that they ...

Director: Richard Lang

Stars: Charlton Heston,Brian Keith,Victoria Racimo,Stephen Macht

6.4 IMDB Rating 4 Views
High Plains Drifter 1973

A Complete stranger trips right into in the dusty mining town of Lago, where the townspeople are residing in the shadow of a dark secret. After a shoo...

Director: Clint Eastwood

Stars: Clint Eastwood,Verna Bloom,Marianna Hill,Mitchell Ryan

7.6 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Jane Got a Gun 2015

Jane Got a Gun centers on Jane Hammond, that has developed a brand-new life with her other half Expense "Pork" Hammond after being tortured by the ult...

Director: Gavin O'Connor

Stars: Natalie Portman,Joel Edgerton,Ewan McGregor,Noah Emmerich

5.9 IMDB Rating
Hickok 2017

Famous lawman and also gunslinger, Wild Expense Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the west. While supplying his very own brand of ...

Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.

Stars: Luke Hemsworth,Trace Adkins,Kris Kristofferson,Bruce Dern

4.6 IMDB Rating
The Proposition 2005

Rural Australia in the late 19th century: Capt. Stanley as well as his males record 2 of the three Burns bros, Charlie as well as Mike. Their gang is ...

Director: John Hillcoat

Stars: Richard Wilson,Noah Taylor,Jeremy Madrona,Jae Mamuyac

7.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views
High Noon 1952

When necessary he gets married and weighs up his badge, lawman Will be able to Kane is told that the particular man he sent to prisoner of war camp ye...

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Stars: Gary Cooper,Thomas Mitchell,Lloyd Bridges,Katy Jurado

8.0 IMDB Rating
Almost Heroes 1998

People Bartholemew Hunt and Leslie Edwards are setting forth against the wilderness across the country on the perfect journey to the Gulf within mexic...

Director: Christopher Guest

Stars: Chris Farley,Matthew Perry,Bokeem Woodbine,Barry Del Sherman

5.8 IMDB Rating 2 Views
Purgatory 1999

A fantastic outlaw band flees a posse and rides into Refuge, the little town where no one bears a gun, drinks, or assures. The town what is actually P...

Director: Uli Edel

Stars: Sam Shepard,Eric Roberts,Randy Quaid,Peter Stormare

7.0 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Monte Walsh 2003

Bosque Walsh and Chet Rollins are hands down long-time cowhands, working whatever hacienda work comes their way, though "nothing they can't do outside...

Director: Simon Wincer

Stars: Tom Selleck,Isabella Rossellini,Keith Carradine,George Eads

7.2 IMDB Rating 1 Views
The Horse Whisperer 1998

A single teenage girl riding an indy is hit by a suv. To help expand heal her troubled/injured teenage girls, and horse, the mother gets them to Monta...

Director: Robert Redford

Stars: Robert Redford,Kristin Scott Thomas,Sam Neill,Dianne Wiest

6.6 IMDB Rating
Last of the Dogmen 1995

Some sort of Montana bounty hunter is per?ois directly into the wilderness to track variables escaped prisoners. Instead he spots something that puzzl...

Director: Tab Murphy

Stars: Tom Berenger,Barbara Hershey,Kurtwood Smith,Steve Reevis

6.9 IMDB Rating
The Long Riders 1980

An origins, exploits and the will be the fate of the Jesse Brandon gang is told in the perfect sympathetic portrayal within your bank thieves made up ...

Director: Walter Hill

Stars: David Carradine,Keith Carradine,Robert Carradine,James Keach

7.1 IMDB Rating 1 Views
Lawless Range 1935

Stevy Middleton is investigating cattle rustling when he is captured along with tossed into a cave suffering from Emmett, a rancher who faded away ear...

Director: Robert N. Bradbury

Stars: John Wayne,Sheila Bromley,Frank McGlynn Jr.,Jack Curtis

5.1 IMDB Rating
The Stalking Moon 1968

When the army scout retires for a farm in New South america he takes pity on a huge white woman and her "half-breed" son recently rescued from Indians...

Director: Robert Mulligan

Stars: Gregory Peck,Eva Marie Saint,Robert Forster,Noland Clay

6.8 IMDB Rating